XY-Motion System | Motion Test

With the CroXY motion system assembled and the Duet 2 WiFi flashed with klipper its time for some moves! First lets look at the test setup. I have my XY Motion System clamped to the test bench along with an emergency stop (at the back.. yeah not smart really). I want to run the heaters, […]

Klipper | Flashing Duet 2 WiFi

I still havent bought the controlboards yet as I still do not know for sure what I will choose. I might aswell wait until I really need them since BTT are launching new boards every month. Maybe they will provide a new board that suits me even better before I actually get to use it. […]

XY-Motion System | Build

So its been a while since the XY motion deisgn was finished.. Limited time and money to spend each month.. Second child came to world.. But hey, now it is finally assmebled! The base of the XY Motion system is the frame. I got the extrusions from Dold Mechatronics cut very nicely to the right […]

XY-Motion System | Design

The most important part of a 3D printer IMO is the XY motion system. Thats why it is the first part of the design I have focused on. Now it is finished!A few things changed from the concept design, but the design is generally still the same CroXY style kinematics – Why CroXY? This is […]

XY-Motion System | Why CroXY?

There are many ways to move a printhead around a XY coordinate system, the most common kinematics are: Bed slingers (Prusa Mk3, Voron Switchwire, Ender, and many more) CoreXY (Voron 2.4, E3D Tool changer, and Many more) Delta (Kossel, Flsun, and others) Crossed Gantry (Ultimaker and annex engineering) Simple Cartesian H-Bot Polar Scara Rotary delta […]

DIY 3D Printer | Concept

With the ScaraClock finally finished, it is time for a new project! I have always found 3D printers extremely fascinating. I have used them extensively during my student years and now at work for both prototyping and my own various projects. However, for some reason I never had a proper 3d printer myself. I had(have) […]